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Is life as an apprentice at ESCC just beginning for you? From daily work tools to good tips, you'll find here all the information you need to get your new life off to a good start!

Preparing for life as an apprentice


Starting your studies often means having to deal with administrative formalities, getting an apartment or taking your driving test. To keep your mind at ease while you're studying, you'll need to be a little organized.

Housing, social security, transport and financial aid: here are a few key points to help prepare an apprentice for his or her new life.

The useful platform

The reference for all apprentices in France

Founded in 2010, the Association Nationale des Apprentis de France (ANAF) is an association created by apprentices for apprentices.

Its aim is to promote apprenticeship in France and support apprentices by providing them with the help and resources they need to make the most of their training.

To this end, the ANAF proposes:

SOS Apprentice
A platform to answer your questions about apprenticeships
You can also use an online chat to ask your questions and get a personalized response.

Customized support

At ESCC Business, our sales staff, mentors and tutors are on hand to support you throughout your career.

You need information about a training course, help finding a company, understanding apprenticeship, a problem with your apprentice master...

ESCC is ready to listen to your needs and provide you with the appropriate assistance.