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A DBA (Doctorate Business Administration) is a differentiating factor in the corporate world: it attests to the manager's ability to conduct original, academically rigorous and professionally relevant research.

Accessible after 5 years of higher education, the DBA is a 3-year degree (classroom training).

  • Modeling professional experience
  • Anticipating major management changes
  • Emerging new business models

To enter the DBA program, you need either a BAC+5 degree (or equivalent) and/or a minimum of 300 ECTS credits.

An educational interview with the program director is the essential step in the recruitment process. The purpose of this interview is to familiarize yourself with your research project and validate its coherence with the doctoral program. It is also an elegant way of gauging your motivation and commitment to the research process.

In addition to courses on methodology, and because the thesis is the most important element of a DBA, students are accompanied 5 times a year by their thesis supervisor to check on the progress of their research. Students have access to thousands of scientific, academic and topical articles, so they have all the keys they need to succeed in their studies.


To complete the course, a number of assignments are required:

  • A thesis: It must address one or more issues in a well-defined field, and must be directly applicable to a company. The thesis is defended before a jury.
  • Writing a research article: to be submitted to a scientific journal in management science, information and communication science or strategy.
  • A book or chapter aimed at practitioners in strategy, marketing, human resources, finance and management in general. It must meet the criteria for publication by a reference publisher.

The DBA is increasingly seen as a corporate asset. Holders of this diploma are destined for strategic functions and are likely to progress to management positions. This diploma is seen as THE diploma for high-potential future executives, and a dynamizing factor for companies.

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