BTS Operational Safety Management


2 years


2 days school / 3 days company

The BTS in Operational Security Management trains students for security management positions in a safety and security company. They can also work in internal security departments of public administrations, private companies and associations.

Students will need to establish customer relations techniques, and manage relations with institutional representatives to best meet their needs.

A BTS in Operational Security Management takes two years to complete after a general baccalaureate. This Bac+2-level diploma can be obtained through initial training, or through work-study programs in public and private establishments. It is a state-recognized level 5 diploma, awarding 120 ECTS credits.

  • manage a team 
  • organize the service for safety
  • preparing the commercial offer
  • manage the service and follow up with the customer
  • participate in the administrative and legal management of personnel

The BTS in Operational Security Management is open to all holders of a baccalaureate: general baccalaureate, professional baccalaureate.

Application and interview

BTS Operational Safety Management timetable

SUBJECTS TAUGHT Weekly schedule
Year 1 Year 2
General culture and expression  2 2
Modern foreign language  3 3
Economic, legal and managerial culture 4 4
Preparing and implementing a security service 7 5
Human resources management 4 4
Customer relationship management 4 4
Contributing to global safety  5 5
Economic, legal and managerial culture applied to operational safety management 2 2
TOTAL 31 29

After graduating, students can work for security and safety companies, private companies (internal security services), public administrations or associations.

First as a sector manager, site coordinator or controller, quality controller, safety officer. They will then be able to progress to a job as branch manager or branch manager, manager or regional director, fire safety and assistance manager


Training can be financed :

  • By the candidate, in whole or in part.
  • By the company, in whole or in part.
  • By one or more funding schemes, partially or in full (OPCO, Pole Emploi, etc.).

Our training managers, experts in putting together training applications, are also available to answer any questions you may have about professional training schemes and funding.


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